Roger Dubuis Hommage H40 Chronograph - Salmon Guilloché dial - Full set



Roger Dubuis was a Swiss-born specialist watchmaker who spent nine years working at Longines during the 1950s repairing chronographs. He then spent the following two decades at Patek Philippe working on complicated timepieces. His illustrious career working at two giants of the Swiss watch industry cemented his impact on watchmaking during the 20th century. During the 1990s, Dubuis met with a gentleman called Carlos Dias. Dias was a businessman and a watch designer suggesting it was only a matter of time before the expertise of both talents were combined to create a watch brand. In 1995, Roger Dubuis, the brand, was launched with two watch models: The Hommage and the Sympathie.

Naturally, these early Roger Dubuis watches took inspiration from historical models from les ateliers such as Patek Philippe and Longines, always with an aim to respectfully pay tribute to their beauty. Similarities to Patek didn’t start and end with their designs though, as Dubuis’ watches also received the Geneva Seal. This became a big focus for the brand with each model produced. In fact, to this day Roger Dubuis is the only manufacturer who can say 100% of their production watches that have ever left their workshop have received a Geneva Seal.

Over the years the Hommage was produced in an array of sizes. The H34, H37, and H40 measure 34mm, 37mm, and 40mm respectfully. The H40 most notably is the only size to carry Breguet numerals, a mutually agreed charming feature of elegant watches by collectors around the globe. Despite the Hommage’s name, it is a collection that carries a quantifiable amount of unique features to make it more than a direct copy of any Patek or Longines.

Dubuis only made 28 pieces of every model released during the early days meaning there is naturally a limited number of these initial creations out there. As such, it’s extremely rare to come across early pieces available for sale on the open market.

The Watch

Presented in mint condition, this specific H40 by Roger Dubuis is quite simply the rarest, most sought-after configuration of the Hommage ever created; let us explain.

Measuring a rather contemporary width of 40mm, this H40-56 provides elevated wearability and a more prominent wrist presence over other early Dubuis pieces. With appropriate proportions throughout, this classically designed case is complete in white gold and fitted with a sapphire display caseback. Turbine styled tipped chronograph pushers introduce a touch of flair and closely resemble those of Patek Philippe, much like the wildly thrilling dial details.

Thoroughly rare throughout, the dial of this H40 is presented in a gently soothing salmon colour from its tachymeter scale right to the centre of its two horizontally configured bi-compax sub-registers. Although the tone of this dial is most certainly exciting, it's the combination of colour and dial texture that elevates this Dubuis to even loftier heights. A radially brushed outer can be found forming the boundary of this H40 dial where the tachymeter scale lives.

Taking just a slight step inwards however reveals one of the most unique, captivating guilloché dials achieved. This is where the Hommage begins to deviate from its inspiration and truly come into its own thanks to a wonderful wave, twisting guilloché design that seeps out from the centre in a mesmerising manner. As the dial design gradually picks up pace, and the waves grow in size, the sub-registers come into sight which mirrors the whole dial by starting with radial brushing for both tracks. The centre of each sub-register introduces an incredibly ornate finely produced spiralling guilloché pattern increasingly drawing one's eye into the dial further. The left sub-register is controlled by a slight leaf hand-finished in white gold measuring the running seconds, whereas the right sub-register keeps track of elapsed chronograph minutes up to a 30-minute reading via a thermally blued hand.

Speaking of hands, this H40 is fitted with a set of solid white gold unassuming leaf-like hands with an elongated, thermally blued chronograph hand. Hommage watches have been fitted with various handsets including semi-skeletonised, luminous, and even alpha style hands. However, is this set of conservatively proportioned classically sophisticated solid leaf hands that carry increased levels of sophistication.  The pièce de résistance is in fact the raised hour markers. Excluding a three or nine due to the sub-registers, the watch comprises of beautifully sized raised multi-faceted batons integrated with Breguet numerals; all complete in white gold.

It’s difficult to quite convey how sought after this H40 is. For many early Dubuis aficionados, this is the crown jewels of a collection. It's the pinnacle of the Hommage, of H40, and justifiably early collectable Roger Dubuis entirely.

The Movement

Seen through the display case back of the Hommage H40 Chronograph is an absolute gem of a movement: the in-house calibre RD56.  Based on the legendary Lemania 2310, this movement features a swan neck regulator, wishbone-shaped main bridge, and is Geneva sealed. Simply put, this movement is regarded as one of the most important chronograph movements of the era. Unsurprisingly, Patek Philippe also used this movement.

How It Wears

In the horological world, there are many dress chronographs out there offering tasteful refinement; and then there is this H40-56 Salmon. Its 40mm case width is appropriately sized for the modern wrists offering compelling wearability on a range of wrist sizes. Nevertheless, there is no avoiding the sensational dial of this H40. On the wrist, the guilloché pattern plays with the light as does its white gold dial furniture. Many watches of this degree may possess one of the qualities of this piece. Perhaps it's salmon dial, or the guilloché, or maybe even just the Breguet numerals, but this watch has it all. It's in a class of its own representing the upper echelon of early Roger Dubuis and its special reputation translates perfectly on the wrist. Whether it becomes a safe queen or it is regularly worn, there is no denying the novelty and sheer rarity of this Hommage H40 Chronograph Salmon will never wear off.


The Hommage H40 Chronograph Salmon by Roger Dubuis is available as a complete full set. From its outer box, inner box, Bulletin D’Observatoire, gold caseback complete with all the engravings matching the watch, manual, original warranty card, as well as wallets to store everything in this is as complete as they get. The watch has been fully serviced and is presented in mint condition. Simply put, this is a must-have Roger Dubuis Hommage for any passionate collector. 

If you desire to take a closer look at this precious timepiece, don't hesitate to contact us and make an appointment. Viewings by appointment only.

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Reference H40 56 0 
Movement Manual Wound
Calibre RD56
Dial Salmon guilloché dial
Size (Case) 40 mm
Material (Case) White gold
Bracelet Mr Watchley Grained Navy Blue
Glass Sapphire
Condition Mint condition
Year Sold in 1999
Papers yes (complete set) 
Box Yes
Warranty 2 years

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