Experts in time

Mr Watchley was founded by watch expert Maxime Vyncke. For over ten years, Maxime gathered experience in the field at some of Belgium’s most prominent jewellery stores. He not only learned about the tradition of horology, but also discovered his love for unique timepieces. This only became stronger when he started working for a niche luxury brand and afterwards for Jaeger-LeCoultre from the Richemont group. 


All of this motivated Maxime to chase his dreams and launch Mr Watchley. He now shares his knowledge and sharp eye for prestige with his clients. Maxime travels the world to find only the best pieces from leading brands and brings them home to showcase them to collectors and those looking for a fashionable accessory. 

A pledge for quality and service 

Mr Watchley’s collection is a curation of rare and pre owned watches that Maxime carefully picks out himself. All of the models that you see are ones Maxime would happily add to his personal collection as well. Which is exactly what he loves about his work: getting his hands on his dream watches and then handing them over to a new owner, a next generation of experts in time. 

We offer quality pieces and an outspoken service. All of the watches we sell are inspected and reviewed by a watchmaker. We only sell if we can assure you that the watch is in excellent state. If there were to be a default to the timepiece outside of your own control, within the warranty of two years after your purchase, we will willingly repair it for you with greatest care. 

Discover our collection of luxury watches or contact us to sell your unique timepiece.