Roger Dubuis Hommage H40 Bleu Prototype dial - Bouchonné


Today, the early Roger Dubuis watches are part of the most collectable watches and are becoming hard to source because they only made 28 of each variant. Without a doubt, the Hommage or Sympathie Chronograph versions are the most wanted out there. 

Very little is known about the early Roger Dubuis watches between 1995 and 2005. A time before instagram, facebook or other social media channels. How many variants are there ? Any custom made unique piece? 

The Hommage H40 dial was found in a vault from a former Roger Dubuis dealer. The dial is the same as the the dial we see in the H40 chronograph but without the markers and numerals. 

The dial is a bleu "Bouchonné" dial. Roger Dubuis called it "Bouchonné" or you may know it as "Perlage". Circular-graining, also referred to as stippling, spotting or beading and which consists of tiny circles. Mostly seen to decorate a movement but Roger Dubuis used it on some of its dials. 

Every dial variation had a different reference, this one is the dial reference B6.1 (prototype version of it). Made for a pink gold H40 case. 

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