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As much as the Swiss wouldn't want you to know, there is watchmaking life outside of Switzerland. A few key countries come to mind, with Germany, Japan, Britain, France, and the US possessing fascinating, unique histories that stretch as far back as the 16th century. But one manufacturer breaks the mould – Konstantin Chaykin and his eponymous brand founded and based out of Russia. Chaykin has always been interested in the analogue, having taken an interest in radio engineering and communication as a young child. This curiosity never left as he began seeking a career, having studied at a technical telecommunications school before working as a mechanic, locksmith, and woodworker. The turning point of his professional career came in 2000 when he established his namesake brand and began making mechanical watches, first debuting in 2003 with a tourbillon table clock. 

As a manufacturer, Konstantin Chaykin specialises in artistic expressions of horology, from highly decorated pieces such as the 'Carpe Diem', the 'Lunokhod' which uses a three-dimensional spherical construction to replicate the moon, or the 'Cinema' which emulates a zoopraxiscope (an early take on stop motion in the cinematic world). However, the creation that is known the world over is the Wristmons family. Instantly recognisable, these watches are known for their 'two eyes and a mouth' configuration, with the hours being housed in the left eye, the minutes in the right, and typically a moonphase for the mouth. The pupils of the eyes are the indicators, giving each character a living existence on the wrist. Mechanically and creatively impressive, Chaykin has imagined many different characters within this series, from Dracula, a collaboration with Universal City Studios on the Minion, and the most famous creation, the Joker. Recalling the wild card within a pack of cards, the Joker debuted in 2017 and forms the basis of the Wristmons series. The Joker alone has been rendered in different iterations, including titanium, a football-inspired piece for the 2018 World Cup, and even the Joker Five - an exclusive collaboration with Warner Bros Batman's Joker. Now forming approximately 80% of Konstantin Chaykin's annual production, every Joker released is extremely popular and often impossible to acquire, with the more unusual expressions, such as the Black Bet, being limited to just 18 pieces.

The Watch

Since its inception in 2017, Konstantin Chaykin's Joker has maintained a steadfast international interest from the horologically inclined. Bold in execution and explicitly playful, the Joker's time-telling functionality through a facial structure has made it a staple of modern independent watchmaking. Limited edition Joker examples are by design rare, and with only 18 having been produced, this Black Bet goes all in. Released in 2021, the Black Bet is one of the most striking of the Wristmons family, with its stainless steel round case being complete in a PVD black finish. At 42mm wide, the presence felt from the case alone is profound, as a satin finish continues to the watch's card suit bezel. The watch also features two crowns despite only the three o'clock crown being functional for setting the time; in keeping with the concept of a face, the nine o'clock crown is there for symmetrical balance and to give the face a pair of ears. 

Naturally, the dial of the Joker Black Bet harbours the most intrigue. Comprised of four key elements, the two sub-registers at two and ten track the current minute and hours via black dots on luminous disks replicating eyes. The watch carries two types of guilloché relief decoration. A ruthenium-coated Clous de Paris stretches down from the top of the face to the 'nose' area while a silver colour hypnotic wave guilloché forms the dial base. The moonphase indicator of the watch resides in the mouth that dominates the lower portion of the dial, complete in red for an unmissable impression. 

As time passes on this distinctive timekeeper, the pupils and mouth change positions continually, reflecting the stereotypical eccentric mischievousness of the Joker character. 

The Movement

Powering the Black Bet is the K07-0 automatic winding by Konstantin Chaykin. Sitting behind a roulette wheel engraved solid case back that only shows the black numbers, this calibre starts life as an ETA 2824-2 before Chaykin develops a double-disc display and the moonphase indicator. The movement carries an impressive finish throughout, with perlage, circular grinding, handcrafted chamfers, polished screw holes, and galvanised rhodium plating. The Chaykin-developed module has 61 parts, bringing the jewel count of the movement up to 33 from the bases 25.

How It Wears

As you may have been able to work out, the Joker is far from subtle. Its animated face is purposefully prominent, and at 42mm wide by 13.7mm thick, the presence matches its boldness. But what it lacks in subtly, it makes up for in pure personality. As conversation starters go, the Joker is right up there, and in this blacked-out expression that favours contrast heavily, it's the ideal watch to use to explain what it means to be a mechanical watch fan in the 21st century. 


This numbered edition Joker is presented as a complete set, including its original box, original strap, and appropriately themed pack of cards. The watch is in superb condition and dates from 2021.

If you desire to take a closer look at this precious timepiece, don't hesitate to contact us and make an appointment. We are based in Ghent, Belgium

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* Every watch is delivered in a Mr WATCHLEY Membrane Protection Box for a safe transportation in addition to its original set *

Reference Joker Black Jet
Movement Automatic
Calibre  K07-0
Dial Joker Black Bet
Size (Case) 42 mm
Material (Case) PVD
Bracelet Original KC strap
Buckle Original KC pin buckle
Condition Like new
Year 2021
Papers Yes
Box Yes
Warranty 2 years

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