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Dating back to 1780, Chaumet and its legacy are often regarded as a part of the very fabric of artisanal French craftsmanship of the highest degree. Founded by a previous apprentice of Aubert (the jeweller to Queen Marie-Antoinette), Parisian Marie-Étienne Nitot's Maison would later become known as Chuamet, producing jewellery and precious objects for his elite clientele. In 1802, he became the jeweller of Napoleon I and the French Empire, and in 1811, he created the earliest bracelet watches for Princess Augusta-Amélie. Over the following 100 years, many European royalty would become Nitot clients, but during this time, Joseph Chaumet took over control, navigating the house into the new century. Chaumet's sons, Jacques and Pierre, were instrumental in the revival of Breguet, having purchased the brand in 1970 and bringing in talent such as Daniel Roth and Michel Parmigiani.  

While there is a legacy of watchmaking during the Nitot era, the modern Chaumet watchmaking story began under the control of the namesake family. Chaumet typically explores complications with its creations, however, one emerging model within collector circles is the Chaumet Jump Hour, reference 10A. Crafted from yellow or white gold and introduced in 1992, the watch has a flying saucer-esque case form and two apertures for the minutes and hours. Chaumet commissioned F.P. Journe to produce complicated watches such as minute repeaters, but he also worked on the Jump Hour.

The Watch

While Chaumet's modern collection boasts sophisticated gem setting and remarkable dial work, there's one reference from the late 20th century that collectors have started to note, and there are three major reasons why. After just a glance, the Chaumet Jump Hour is a memorable and recognisable watch. First introduced in 1992, the Jump Hour – in this instance, the reference 10A – is an 18k yellow gold watch that champions distinctiveness. Perfectly round with hidden lugs, the 10A has a domed flying saucer-like structure with a completely polished finish. The crown is slightly recessed in its stance from the case, and a close caseback ensures the wrist-hugging potential of the case is taken full advantage of. 

The idea of a separate dial to the case isn't as much of a concept with the 10A as the form is stripped back to the essentials via its double apertures. As its name suggests, jump hour watches advance the hour with a revolving disk aperture, immediately snapping on the hour. They can often be seen using a traditional hand for the minutes, but the 10A also deploys a disk concept for the minutes, with an arc display integrating a pointed arrow aligning with the minute disk. This is a traditional execution, with brands such as Breguet, Cartier, Franck Muller, Movado, and IWC upholding the jump hour complication in this configuration. Both mystical apertures are complemented by refined serif Arabic numerals like many jump hours popularised during the Art Deco era.

Why The Chaumet Jump Hour 10A Is Becoming Collectable

As alluded to earlier, three key identifiable elements of the 10A have contributed to the increase in popularity within certain circles of watch collecting:

  1. The name Chaumet is renowned, established and recognisable within the world of haute jewellery and watches, with the brothers famously acquiring Breguet in the 1970s before successfully reviving the brand a decade later.
  2. The Jump Hour's appearance and appeal certainly lie in its similarity to Cartier creations such as the Pebble and the Guichets. These two models are some of the most desirable in Cartier's catalogue, so considering the fact the 10A has a case shape and size that's comparable, is also complete in precious metal, boasts a mechanical movement, and is from an established French jeweller, these are viable comparatives.
  3. It has been confirmed via the 'F.P. Journe Invenit et Fecit' By Jean-Pierre Grosz that François-Paul was commissioned to aid in creating the piece.

The Movement

Powering the Chaumet Jump Hour 10A is the base calibre ETA 2892-2. Modified as a jump hour, this automatic calibre has an engine-turned finish, a golden-coloured Chaumet-signed rotor, 21 jewels, and a power reserve of 42 hours.  

How It Wears

Perfectly round, with hidden lugs and a heavily domed stance, the 10A Jump Hour is certainly a unique wearing experience. Measuring 36mm, it's a perfect instance of mid-sized, traditional wrist presence, only enhanced by its svelteness. With a thickness of just 8mm, it's always going to excel as a dress watch, but when paired with a casual outfit, it's an unexpected triumph.


This Chaumet Jump Hour 10A in Yellow Gold is presented in good and honest condition. The watch is sold as a watch only but is complete with its original Chaumet black alligator strap and buckle.

* Every watch is delivered in a Mr WATCHLEY Membrane Protection Box for a safe transportation in addition to its original set * 

If you desire to take a closer look at this precious timepiece, don't hesitate to contact us and make an appointment. We are based in Ghent, Belgium

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Reference 10A
Movement Automatic
Calibre  2892-2
Dial Jump Hour
Size (Case) 36mm
Material (Case) Yellow gold
Bracelet Mr Watchley Custom Strap
Chaumet yellow gold pin buckle
Condition very goodf
Year Early 1990's
Papers  - 
Box  - 
Warranty 2 years

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