Cartier Tank Cintrée Dual Time - 2767 - CPCP - Full set


The trailblazing and elusive Cartier curve. 

Cartier's watchmaking during the 1900s had sparked flutters of interest and curiosity, heads had been turned; the brilliant jewellers had started to carve their own, distinct path in the market of timepieces. With the dawn of the 1920s however, Cartier's inherent feel for exemplary design would lead the brand to initiate a revolution in terms of wristwatch style. Cartier's limitless creativity and innovation in this field put the maison in a league of its own. The Tank Cintrée is perhaps the most exemplary product of this extraordinary moment of intense imagination and creation. The objects fashioned by Cartier to mark the passing of time simply had to be aesthetically exceptional, they had to be truly worthy of the finest jeweller's signature.

The Tank Cintrée first appeared in 1921, just two years after the very first Tank, the Tank Normale, had been launched commercially. If the Tank Normale had rocked the boat with its novel design, then the Tank Cintrée was the design that made the boat capsize. Cartier elongated the case of the Tank to the maximum and with this elongation allowed the case to rise into a very slight and graceful curve that when worn would blend effortlessly with the wrist. Viewed from the side, the case could not be more subtle; yet viewed from above, the case spectacularly eclipsed the wrist - albeit in a very streamlined and elegant manner. Exceptional and radical aesthetic design that most likely stunned Cartier's unsuspecting audience in the 1920s and remains just as captivating for their audience today.

The curve of the case on the Tank Cintrée has of course been a steadfast constant in the relatively few and highly sought-after models released over the years. Other aspects of the design such as case height, length, size and dial features, have all taken various forms creating some striking and unique pieces which have been favoured by several celebrities including Fred Astaire and Steve McQueen. 2021 saw the Tank Cintrée celebrate its centenary with a limited edition release that closely emulated the 1921 original, a testament to the Tank Cintrée's timeless design.

The watch

This is the sleek Collection Privée Cartier Paris Tank Cintrée Dual Time, released circa 2005 and limited to just 100 pieces. Its reference number is 2767. Whilst there can be no doubt that this is indeed a Tank Cintrée, the only curve to be seen on this perfectly sculpted piece is that of the case itself. The design focus of this Tank Cintrée is rather special, drawing heavily on the Art Deco influences of the period in which the original Tank Cintrée was created.

The case is cool white gold and measures 43mm x 25mm. Viewed from above, the case's brancards are perfectly matched in their clean-line form and polished finish. The rest of the case is brushed, creating contrast and emphasising the strong geometric play of the whole watch. The lugs remain prominent, neatly finished with definite, minimally slanted angles. Octangular crowns, a style of crown first seen on a Tank Cintrée in the 1950s, are completed with beautiful deep blue cabochons that remain compact and elegantly understated.

The angular theme continues with the light division of the rectangular frame into two, equal squares. Cartier Paris sits at the central point between the two and each silver square features delicate guilloché emanating from the rose that marks the central point of each dial. The rose is a charming feature found on all CPCP pieces bar some from the very early years of the collection. This exclusive piece was created for the Chinese market and we therefore see four Chinese symbols marking the 12, 3, 6 and 9 on the lower dial while traditional Cartier Roman numerals are used to mark the same points on the upper dial. Each square is reinforced by small, unconnected and decisive minute markers. The dials are completed with delicate, blue steel sword hands. The watch is a beautiful example of elegant, minimalist design.


Two dials equal two highly intricate, identical movements. The round caliber used in this Tank Cintrée is the 430 MC - an ultra-thin, hand-wound mechanical movement based on the Piaget 430P. It sits at just 2.1mm thick, contains 18 jewels and vibrates at a rate of 21,600 times per hour. It has a power reserve of 36 hours.

When the Tank Cintrée first appeared in 1921, one of the points of interest was the movement and how such a thin and curved design was able to even host a movement. For Cartier, the aesthetic would always lead, and the movements would simply have to 'keep up'. Luckily Louis Cartier's friend, Edmond Jaeger, was just as talented at movement development as Louis was at design. Jaeger would develop a new and incredibly subtle movement to power the very first Tank Cintrée.

Many years later and the Cartier innovation does not stop, as we see with this CPCP Tank Cintrée Dual Time that takes things a step further by incorporating not just one, but two movements into its perfectly chiselled and compact case.

How it wears

Like a dream. The Tank Cintrée is hard to beat in terms of style/comfort ratio. The form of the case allows the watch to sit perfectly and seamlessly on the wrist whilst projecting a highly elegant and ordered aesthetic.

The set & condition

This limited edition CPCP piece comes with its full set: both inner and outer boxes, manual and warranty card. Its original white gold folding buckle is also included.

If you desire to take a closer look at this precious timepiece, don't hesitate to contact us and make an appointment. 
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Reference 2767
Movement Manual
Caliber Cartier 430MC
Dial Silver
Size (Case) 43mm x 25mm
Material (Case) White gold
Bracelet Mr Watchley Saffiano Navy Blue
Glass Sapphire
Condition Mint, just out of Cartier service
Year 2007
Papers Yes
Box Yes
Warranty 2 years

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