Cartier Tank Cintrée - 2006 Platinum custom order N° 1 - Full set



The trailblazing and elusive Cartier curve.

Cartier's watchmaking during the 1900s had sparked flutters of interest and curiosity. Heads had been turned as the brilliant jewellers had started to carve their own, distinct path in the market of timepieces. With the dawn of the 1920s however, Cartier's inherent feel for exemplary design would lead the brand to initiate a revolution in terms of wristwatch style. Cartier's limitless creativity and innovation in this field put the Maison in a league of its own, the Tank Cintrée being perhaps the most exemplary product of this extraordinary moment of intense imagination and creation.

The Cintrée first appeared in 1921, just two years after the very first Tank, the Tank Normale, had been launched commercially. If the Tank Normale had rocked the boat with its novel design, then the Tank Cintrée was the design that made the boat capsize. Cartier elongated the case of the Tank to the maximum and with this elongation allowed the case to rise into a very slight and graceful curve that when worn would blend effortlessly with the wrist. Viewed from the side, the case could not be more subtle; yet viewed from above, the case spectacularly eclipsed the wrist - albeit in a very streamlined and elegant manner. Exceptional and radical aesthetic design that most likely stunned Cartier's unsuspecting audience in the 1920s and remains just as captivating for their audience today.

The curve of the case on the Tank Cintrée has of course been a steadfast constant in the relatively few and highly sought-after models released over the years. Other aspects of the design such as case height, length, size and dial features, have all taken various forms creating some striking and unique pieces which have been favoured by several celebrities including Fred Astaire and Steve McQueen.

The watch

An absolutely stunning, custom-made Tank Cintrée.

Created in 2006, this exceptional timepiece is one of the first custom orders and earliest Cartier watches to incorporate Eastern Arabic numerals. A highly desired and highly collectable feature, Arabic numerals in this beautiful form are so seldomly seen gracing a Cartier dial. With their captivating presence on this timepiece, the elegance and intrigue of the already mesmerising Cintrée is extended to a whole new level of formidable appeal.

Through the incredible form that this timepiece takes, it becomes evidently clear that the ultra-rare opportunity to custom design a Cartier timepiece was exquisitely exploited to the full during the creation of this stunning piece. Together with the Cartier Crash, the Cintrée is the most sought-after Cartier watch model and therefore a spot-on choice for a custom Cartier timepiece. Platinum, Cartier's signature precious metal, was selected to form the case of this very distinguished Cintrée, while arguably the most favoured case measurements of the Cintrée - 23mm x 46mm - were chosen for the case construction. This is one of the most iconic Cartier designs, executed in extremely desirable dimensions and fashioned from Cartier's most perfect precious metal.

The dial is 18k gold opaline and silvered, with the subdued yet rich depth of its off-white hue providing the perfect backdrop for the rich burgundy that colours every single marking on the dial. From the printed 'Cartier Paris' signature at 12 - framed by Cartier's traditional railway minute track - to the 'Swiss made' at 6 and the elegant numerals expanding outwardly from the centre, it is Cartier's iconic and vibrant colour that envelops and enriches the entire piece. Blue Breguet hands being the only element to deviate from the rolling red theme, allowing for time to be perfectly read.    

Such an elegant design in platinum is completed in the only Cartier way possible - with a red ruby adorned, beaded crown. This jewel of a timepiece is brushed on every surface bar its polished, light-reflecting and brilliant brancards.

The signed caseback, held in place by four neatly set screws on each lateral edge, is embellished with the expected engravings and hallmarks, including the watch's water-resistant status and its very unique identification number: 2006/n°1.

The movement

Delicately encased in this outstanding custom Tank Cintrée is the mechanical, hand-wound movement cal. 9770MC, which is derived from a Jaeger-LeCoultre ébauche. It is a nickel lever movement, containing 18 jewels and a mono-metallic balance. The handcrafted calibre gives the watch a power reserve of 42 hours and has a frequency of 21,600 vph.

How it wears

Like a custom Cartier dream. The Tank Cintrée is simply hard to beat in terms of style/comfort ratio. The form of the case allows the watch to sit perfectly and seamlessly on the wrist, whilst projecting an extremely elegant and ordered aesthetic. It is a style of watch that has the incredible ability to work at every angle, in every moment and at any given time. This extremely exclusive Cintrée, with its impeccably matched and original Cartier Lizard strap, is a raring red Cartier delight on the wrist.

The set & condition

An exceedingly rare, collectable and simply incredible timepiece from Cartier that comes with its full, original set. Boxes (Outer & inner), certificate, warranty papers, manual and wallet. The original white gold Cartier folding buckle is included as well.

If you desire to take a closer look at this precious timepiece, don't hesitate to contact us and make an appointment. We are based in Ghent, Belgium

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Reference 2843 - 2006 / Nr 1
Movement Manual
Calibre 9770MC
Dial Opaline with burgundy Eastern Arabic numerals
Size (Case) 46,3mm x 23mm
Material (Case) Platinum
Bracelet Original Cartier strap
Folding buckle Original white gold Cartier 
Condition Very good
Year 2006
Papers Yes
Box Yes
Warranty 2 years

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