Cartier Tank à Guichets - Platinum - Cartier 150th anniversary - Like new condition



While digital time displays were electrified with the dawn of LCD in the 1970s, numerical time readouts didn't wait for batteries and screens to come to fruition, with the jump hour complication being an early adopter. IWC's Pallweber of 1884 was the most celebrated, displaying the hours and minutes through separate dial apertures. Analogue hands were (and remain) the norm, but 40 years after the IWC, the disks made it big time during the 1920s and 30s. With the watch having graduated from the pocket to the wrist, legacy manufacturers began producing jump hour watches, including Cartier. The French Maison is now known the world over for its homogenised permanence and breadth of touch points, but during the early and mid-20th century, Cartier was firmly within the exclusive echelon of luxury – especially with their watches. For context, from 1919 - 1965, only 2,200 Cartier watches were ever produced. Today, it’s estimated that number is around 600,000 every 12 months. In 1928, they created their first jump hour, the Tank à Guichets. Based on the ongoing refinement of the Tank Louis, it's thought no more than two dozen were ever made between 1928 and 1932.

Cartier has only re-imagined the Tank à Guichets three times in the modern era, and each time it hasn't exactly been at scale. First, there was the 1996 run of just three examples in yellow gold, pink gold and three in platinum; all three references are distinguishable by their 12 o'clock crown. One year later, and for the 150th anniversary of Cartier, another run added some scale: 150 examples exclusively in platinum with a ruby cabochon crown at three. Jumping forward another year, Cartier developed the Collection Privée Cartier Paris (a collection of Cartier pieces to be produced in extremely limited numbers that would celebrate historically significant and rare models), and in 2006, it debuted in rose gold in only 100 examples.

The Watch

The most captivating feature of watchmaking is mystery. How small pieces of metal can be formed into different shapes and components that, once united, can convey our most precious commodity. A sophisticated air of mystery has underpinned horology for centuries, with the jump hour complication being one of the most prominent. Already possessing graceful sensibility, in 1928, the king of elegance released their own take. In 1997, Cartier celebrated their 150th anniversary, and with it, released this: the Tank à Guichets in platinum.

Although unmistakably a Tank, the form of the Tank à Guichets is a little different from convention. The model carries a broader presence, measuring 26mm wide by 37mm, and, most notably, the brancards sit flatter and a little more squared off than a Tank Louis, with a singular polished chamfered edge. It's a predominantly brushed affair, with a vertical grain pairing wonderfully with the signficant heft of the platinum case. At a glance and without a reference point, this case material may seem like any other popular white metal. However, its ruby cabochon protruding from the octagonal crown at three is a telltale sign that this is a special Cartier in PT.

The solid caseback further denotes it's a celebration release, with 1847-1997 engraved. Rather than hands moving and pointing towards the precise reference time, the jump hour complication moves the time while the watch remains the reference, and here, the Tank à Guichets displays the current hours within a centralised aperture at twelve. Snapping over instantly as soon as the minutes click over, the hours pass by as if by magic. On the other hand, the minutes show a little more motion, with a half-oval display integrating a pointed arrow at its centre. Both mystical apertures are complemented by a refined, serif favouring font for its Arabic numbers, evoking the art deco language of the piece.

Of additional particular note with this example is its condition. It’s remarkable, being one of the most honestly conditioned watches we’ve ever seen. The watch carries not a single hairline scratch, no signs of polishing, nor signs of wear. Due to its "like new" condition, remarkable state, free from any scratches, signs of polishing, or wear, this piece is a true time capsule.

Although many of us would recognise the re-imagination of a seldom-seen historical Cartier reference as a CPCP creation, this Tank à Guichets pre-dates the creation of the CPCP by one year. As such, this platinum anniversary piece makes it one of the key precursors to the most revered sides of modern-day Cartier.

The Movement

Powering the Cartier Tank à Guichets is the 9752 MC mechanical jump hour calibre. Created by Piaget for Cartier, this 19-jewel movement is hand-wound and comes with beautifully decorated Cartier bridges, discreetly hidden behind the solid case back of this piece.

How It Wears

The Tank à Guichets exists in the goldilocks of Cartier proportions for many wrist sizes. Small enough to feel suitably reserved and sophisticated but with enough presence to hold its own and meet modern expectations. On the wrist, it's quite possibly the most understated watch one could wear. To the untrained eye, the fact it's only one of 150 worldwide, encased in platinum, and even produced by Cartier is not noticeable. It's a triumph in elegance and embodies the philosophy of what a traditional dress watch means.


Dating from 1997, this Cartier Tank à Guichets 150th Anniversary is presented in as new condition with no signs of wear. The Cartier white gold folding buckle is included. Available today fitted to a custom Mr Watchley strap.

* Every watch is delivered in a Mr WATCHLEY Membrane Protection Box for a safe transportation in addition to its original set * 

If you desire to take a closer look at this precious timepiece, don't hesitate to contact us and make an appointment. We are based in Ghent, Belgium

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Reference Tank à Guichets
Movement Manual Wound
Calibre  9752 MC
Dial Guichets
Size (Case) 37 mm x 26 mm
Material (Case) Platinum
Bracelet Mr Watchley Custom Strap
Cartier white gold folding buckle
Condition Like new
Year 1997
Papers  - 
Box  - 
Warranty 2 years

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