Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Art Deco - Silver guilloché dial


The watch

With a case fashioned from rose gold, the first step into those divinely luxurious years of Art Deco is taken. 

The limited-production Reverso Art Deco was made from 1992 to 2002 and was created just in gold: rose and white. 900 pieces in rose gold and 200 in white gold. The piece's reference number is Q2772420. The case selected for the model was the Grand Taille, which was first used in 1991 for the 60th anniversary Reverso model. It measures 26.1 mm x 42.2mm and sits at 9.7mm in height.

The rose gold of the case frames a brushed silver dial. This delicate combination of colour is given a certain edge by the rose gold applied dagger indexes and rose gold dauphine hands. The stark angular aspects of Art Deco are brought to the fore. Throughout the dial there is a play on the angle and the curve, just as there is with the Reverso case: rectangular in form yet with gently curved triangular lugs and softly vaulted curved sides. In contrast to the angular indexes and hands, the centre of the dial is covered in rich, flowing rosette guilloché, while écaille de poisson guilloché fills the rectangular small seconds subdial at 6. An etched minute-track frames the dial, while the rest of the silver dial has been given a vertical satin finish. The dial is signed, a slightly raised cartouche with 'Jaeger-LeCoultre' sits just above the centre of the hands and another with 'Reverso' sits just below, while a rose gold applied Jaeger-LeCoultre logo marks the 12. 'Swiss' and 'made', printed in black, sit either side of the small seconds.

The dial is a balance between soft elegance and sharp style, while its silver colour serves as the perfect lead into the stunning pink gold labyrinth that is found on the reverse side of the watch.


It is not often that the words drop-dead gorgeous come to mind for the description of a watch movement. Yet in the case of this calibre 822AD those three words capture, in the most succinct and clear-cut way, the simply awesome visual impact that this calibre has on the human eye. 

A derivative of the calibre 822, the AD stands for Art Deco and the Art Deco influence - that of the early 1920s blissfully unrestrained artistic extravagance - can be thoroughly felt through the movement's construction and embellishment. 

The first ever Reverso with an engraved, skeletonised movement, the movement recalls the incredible metalwork that emerged during the Art Deco era. Closely-knit, intricate and varied texture, colour and bursting with adornment - it left no space empty or unattended to. Edgar Brandt's Oasis from 1925 is the perfect example. This beautifully crafted calibre from Jaeger-LeCoultre captures that spirit entirely. Rose-gold plated, free-hand engraved bridges swirl over the movement's visible and intricate mechanics which are fashioned from brass and steel, while fired blue screws and purple rubies interject with their vibrant colour. A spectacle of artistry.

The movement contains 21 jewels, has a frequency of 21,600 vph and a 45-hour power reserve. 

One of the slogans once used for the Reverso read "the Reverso is a jewel that turned becomes a watch which turned becomes a jewel.." - an absolutely perfect description for this Reverso Art Deco.

How it wears

With its Grand Taille dimensions and the distinct form of the Reverso case, the presence on the wrist is (quite) bold. Yet with the soft colour of the dial and the unadulterated thrill of the movement, there is an overall lightness to the piece that makes it a particularly unique dress watch - and one that is sure to attract an array of fascination and attention.

The set & condition

An unforgettable timepiece that is in exceptional condition and comes with its original Rose gold buckle and a Mr Watchley Saffiano Copper strap


The Reverso that exemplifies the style of an era. The era of its creation.

Art Deco can be seen as that final flourish of truly luxurious and opulent design. Exuberant colour, bold geometric shapes - with strong yet smooth curves thrown in for good measure, the most exquisite, expensive raw materials and objets d'art literally dripping in the most fabulous ornamentation. A feast of glamour, a feast of hedonistic beauty.

A movement that developed in France, early 1920s French Art Deco was the all-out, flamboyant party before the cool, clean - and eventually austere - Modernist lines started to emerge from the mid-1920s onwards. Jaeger-LeCoultre's Reverso was launched in 1931 and its late Art Deco influence is fervently felt throughout its form.

Following 1925, a gradual aversion to sumptuous decoration and craftsmanship started to emerge within the movement. The focus moved toward moderation rather than elaboration in terms of design, and function over form took on ever-increasing importance. The Reverso sits on that beautiful cusp between function and form.

The watch was created to satisfy a rather particular request. British Officers in India required a watch that could withstand the hard knocks of the game of Polo. A Swiss businessman, César de Trey, brought the request to Jacques-David LeCoultre, who in turn involved Jaeger. The watch's movement would be LeCoultre, the case Jaeger. The two, although having a very well-established collaboration, would not fuse until 1937.

Jaeger tasked the French designer, René-Alfred Chauvot, with the case design. He would develop the revolutionary, revolving case that would complete its 180 degree turns with flawless and precise ease - allowing the glass covering of the dial to be protected whenever necessary. The case would be adorned with the ever more modern and refined Art Deco-inspired lines and shapes. With its uniquely elegant form, created for a unique function, the Reverso became the universal icon of Jaeger-LeCoultre

The Reverso Art Deco takes that iconic status one step further. It showcases the full, radiating and glistening spectrum of the Art Deco movement and could, quite easily, be the most beautiful Reverso ever made.

If you desire to take a closer look at this precious timepiece, don't hesitate to contact us and make an appointment. We are based in Ghent, Belgium

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* Every watch is delivered in a Mr WATCHLEY Membrane Protection Box for a safe transportation in addition to its original set * 

Reference Q2772420
Movement Manual
Caliber Calibre 822AD
Dial Silver guilloché dial
Size (Case)
42.2mm x 26.1mm
Material (Case) Rose gold
Bracelet Mr Watchley Saffiano Copper strap
Glass Sapphire
Condition Very good
Year 1990's
Papers -
Box -
Warranty 2 years


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